Gamle Aker Spelemannslag i USA 2002

For 4 år siden (1998) reiste vi over "dammen" for å delta på the 5th Annual Walter Eriksson Scandinavian Music Festival i Vasa Park, Budd Lake, New Jersey. Den gangen talte vi 6 stk. reisende. I år var vi i alt 13 stk. inkl. spillende med familie som fikk oppleve the 9th Annual Walter Eriksson Musik Festival, nå kalt SkandJam.

Nedenfor finner dere opplegget for turen som også gjaldt 17.mai-feiring, parader og opptredener.

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Friday, May 17th - New York - Syttende Mai!

Play at Norwegian Seamens Church, 317 E. 52nd Street, Manhattan. Program begins at 7 PM. Get there by 6:30 or earlier and get parking certificate from the office so you can park right on street in front.

Saturday, May 18th - Brooklyn Viking Fest

Program is from 12 Noon to 5 PM. Plan on 2 half-hour performances, 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM. Times subject to change. Food available at this festival. Will receive donation. Parking on the street. Park located at 68th Street and Colonial Road in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.


Sunday, May 19th - Brooklyn Norwegian Day Parade

1 PM - Meet for parade line up at 90th Street and 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. 17th of May Parade Committee will provide funds for rental of flat bed truck and a generator. JW will handle. SAC may join you on the float. parade begins. Parade kicks off 1:30 PM along 3rd Avenue to Leif Erickson Park. Gather at grandstand for possible more playing. There is another band from Norway so this part of day is flexible. Someone has to go back and get cars somehow (we will work that out) and then get to The Danish Club, 65th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue (within walking distance from end of parade route). Play at Danish Club here and there, free dinner for all.


May 20-21-22 - GASers on your own

SAC has "rehearsal" on Wednesday evening, May 22nd -- can play this night be ear. We meet in Baldwin, Long Island.
(Baldwin ligger øst for JFK-flyplassen,- ca 4 mil fra NY sentrum. )


May 23, Thursday - Taube Night in Manhattan

Meet at Swedish Seamans Church, 5 E. 48th Street, Manhattan, by 6 PM latest. Program 7:15 PM. Plan on 3 #s. Following is a wine and cheese reception, sing-along and more playing for a short while.


May 24-25-26 Budd Lake, Vasa Park